Thought for the day…

Everywhere man wants to be settled, but only insofar as he is unsettled is there any hope for him.


– Emerson

Thought for the day…

Hate is just a failure of the imagination


– Graham Greene

What’s Next?

When a man does not know what harbor he is making for, no wind is the right wind.

New Journey

Well, I invited you all to come on this journey with me.  While I did expect it to be somewhat of a spiritual journey for me, my original intent was to take you around the world with me.  I was hoping to share some of the unique experiences I encountered and to hopefully make some connection back to our day to day lives and struggles.  And along the way, I had hoped to also uncover some personal discoveries that you might be able to relate to as well.  As luck would have it, it seems that for the time being, my journey will be completely introverted as I spend the next month or so on my couch.  I’m sure I will probably learn more about my self on this journey to nowhere; which will be much more enlightening to me, but certainly not as new or exciting to you.  Nevertheless, I will continue to post and count down the days until my physical travels begin.

Latest Itinerary

So, my carefully planned itinerary has taken a shape of its own – that is, the only travelling I will be doing over the next six weeks is from the couch to my bed.  I planned to embark on my walkabout in order to take some time to reflect and explore the plethora of ideas and interests that have not had a chance to get out of the back of my mind over the many years of building my career.  I will still have the time to reflect, more time than I ever imagined, but it will be from the familiar surroundings of my living room.

Apparently, when I said I needed a break, someone took me a little too literally.  I intend for my adventure to just be on delay and my hope is that the extra time that has been handed to me will give me an even better perspective when I finally am able to take that first step in my adventure.