About Me

beth the travelerI live to leave. Between living in NYC, the greatest city in the world, and working in a career that takes me on the road quite often, my love of exploration gets fed almost everyday.  These pages are my attempt to share my experiences and hopefully provide you with some tips and ideas along the way.

Don’t get me wrong. I love my family. I love my friends. I even love my husband – most of the time.

But when God was doling out the wanderlust, I must have gone back for seconds and thirds.
I grew up in Buffalo, a small, big city – with enough culture and wit to spark the curiosity and with enough snow and claustrophobia to make a girl want to search for more. Like anyone, I was fuzzy about the future details I wanted for my life (well, except for some vague affection I had for Darren Stephens on Bewitched). But I knew, deep in my soul, that I would end up in New York City, the greatest city in the world, where I now work in advertising, like Darren Stephens before me, a career that sends me traveling often.
I live to leave. Even when I married. Sure, I wanted a wedding in a quaint country church. But mine was in the wilds of Connemara on Ireland’s west coast with 50 friends and family.
The road is always calling me and my curiosity has taken me to four of the seven continents thus far. I am missing Australia, South America and Antarctica and it is just a matter of time before that is corrected. Meantime, these pages are my attempt to share my experiences from around this great big world and hopefully provide you with some inspiration and tips and ideas of things to tackle in your own attempt to sate the wanderlust within.
I hope you enjoy them. And, please, please, please leave your comments.
Adios, au revoir, arrivederci, hooroo, hej, sayonara, tschuss, slan, dasvidania, totsiens, see ya!