Happy New Year from Travels from Mad Ave


This year has been mad.  And what saved me from it all, as usual, was my travels.  I started the year exploring, exploring my own backyard, by taking sailing lessons from Offshore Sailing School.  After almost 20 years of being rail meat, mostly on More Magic (a 33′ Frers), I finally took the helm and navigated my way around New York Harbor.

I have found fewer metaphors for life that are more accurate than sailing metaphors.  The greatest lesson I learned from my instructor, David Gayton was, “if what you’re doing isn’t working, do the opposite thing”.  That is the lesson I will take with me into 2013.  As we all ponder our resolutions, rather than chastise ourselves for not sticking to last year’s, or promise ourselves things that aren’t reasonable, my advice is to figure out what in your life is not working and then simply do the opposite thing.

So my travel resolution for 2013 is to knock off another continent.  I’ll finally be making my way to Australia (and New Zealand) in May, again with AFAR Experiences.  Between now and then I’ll be visiting Las Vegas once more for CES (I’ll spend one night following in Obama’s footsteps at the Westin Lake Las Vegas) and then on to Quebec/Montreal for a frigid night in the Hotel de Glace (that’s Ice Hotel in American). I hope you will continue to follow me.  I’ll soon be adding a polling feature to the site so you can start having a say in where I go and what I do (be kind, I don’t want to be another Idiot Abroad).

Cheers, Slainte, Sante, Prost, Salut, Yamas, Gesondheid & Kanpai to 2013!

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