Coffee with Mr. Met

One of the biggest complaints from New York tourists is the prices.  Everything here seems so expensive!  You’re even going to pay more for that cup of Starbucks than you would at home.

But if you’re visiting New York and want not only a good deal, but a quintessential New York experience, skip the Starbucks and head to the coffee cart.

When I first arrived in NYC in the early 90’s, I could score a cup of coffee and a bagel for 75 cents (now I can’t even find the “cents” symbol on my keyboard!).  But almost 20 years later, I can still hand over $2 to the coffee cart guy and get some change back.

And here’s the kicker – it’s GOOD coffee.  I’m serious.  I’ll admit, I find Starbucks a bit too strong, but I enjoy my cup of Illy from Remi-to-Go.  When I travel I’ll seek out the best coffee the country has to offer.  But in NYC, you won’t be disappointed by the coffee cart coffee.

I’m also big on ambiance, life is an adventure to me.  What better ambiance than the dude in the coffee cart who, I promise you, if you stop by more than two days in a row will remember who you are and how you like your coffee.  You’ll soon be feeling like a native.

And, the most fun is, the branded coffee cup.  Yes, we advertisers work hard at slapping our messages on anything that moves in this city.  But you will be surprised and delighted by the designs on your coffee cup (no disrespect to the traditional Greek design seen on cups in most Hollywood NY scenes).  Yesterday, I enjoyed my morning cup o joe with Mr. Met.  You will also learn about movie previews, get samples of new sweeteners or breath mints or even find offers (the original Groupon!).

So next time you’re sitting in your hotel room staring at the overpriced room service menu, put it down, get dressed and go down to the closest coffee cart.  You will have started your sightseeing even before your first cup of coffee!!

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