Travels from Mad Ave

So, I started this blog to document my hoped for amazing adventures as I travelled around the world – hence the Travels from Mad(ison) Avenue.  I was looking forward to leaving behind the insanity that had become my life as an advertising executive.  Well, as usual, life had different plans for me.  I did not travel around the world nor did I leave the ad world behind me – I am back.  Thankfully while I didn’t get what I thought I was going to in my time away, I did get other things, not what I expected, but what I needed.

So Travels from Mad Ave will now be about from as in, “from the perspective of” vs. from as in “being away from”.  I hope I can bring a different perspective “from” – I hope to bring humor without the stress of, the ego-fed insanity that has become the advertising industry.

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