Where’s Fluffy?

Well, looks like he was here.  But no more.

We find ourselves living in a consumer world.  Not that we don’t all work hard and have a desire to do good, be contributing members of society and leave the world a better place (well, at least everyone I know personally).  But no matter how open-minded, caring and compassionate we all are, we all have to come to a point where we know what we want and we think we know how to get it – for the most part, we do and we can.

For that very reason, I do not find much enjoyment in vacationing in places such as Disneyland, which only feed these misconceptions.  Spend a day (or perhaps a week, it remains to be seen) in nature, looking for real wildlife and you will find yourself completely lacking control.  Only such a situation could leave almost one hundred generally educated, successful people standing out in the freezing cold staring at a blank, white landscape hoping to catch a glimpse of a polar bear.

While I find all the global warming naysayers woefully out of touch (I mean really, even if today’s lifestyle’s are not leading to catastrophe, what is the harm in turning out the lights and driving less?) i have not yet found evidence here that the polar bears are desperately seeking nourishment.  If they were, I assure you, we all would have been more than happy to throw them some food from the ship (or perhaps even a few annoying passengers!).

And while there is a part of me that is rooting for the polar bear not catering to our every consumer driven whim, I do hope to have a polar bear pic to share before the week is over!

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