There’s Fluffy!

Mission Accomplished!  I have seen a Polar Bear.  Ever since my early days at the Buffalo  Zoo I have LOVED  Polar Bears!  And then there was the infamous Gund stuffed Polar Bear – when my apartment was on fire, when Toni was grabbing our most valued possessions, she grabbed my polar bear!

So coming to the Arctic to find see them in the flesh was somewhat of a lifelong journey for me.  To actually get this close, was amazing (no worries, I was using a zoom lens, I wasn’t exactly this close).  But they are amazing creatures.  And no matter what potsmoker says, they are finding it harder and harder to find food.  So next time you get in your car (or cab), or leave a light on when you leave a room or skip the recycling, think of Fluffy, and think twice.

By the way, Fluffy was the name coined by the Expedition Leader of our boat, I just thought it was funny!

I have TONS more pics, and when I get home they will all be available in my album section – not to toot my horn, but they’re pretty cool 🙂

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