The Big Boy Glass

Life in Milford, PA – we are definitely not in Kansas anymore.  But that’s not always a bad thing.  Here we are at the Apple Valley bar.  On the right is “ol’ 97” – Terry’s personal mug – proud member of the Apple Valley pewter mug club!  We like to visit the mug 2 – 3 times a week, but after a couple of beers, my oh so sophisticated husband moves on to wine.  But not the puny wine glass (seen being poured in the back ground) but Terry gets the Big Boy glass of Pinot Grigio.  And for all my New York City friends, know there is not a drink on that bar that costs more than $4!

There are 101 mugs hanging in the bar.  CBS John is #1 (ironic, right?).  Terry and brother John are #97 & 98.  There is a waiting list, so all you who think you can swoop into town and buy a mug, hold it right there.  But once your number comes up, for $20 you can drink out of your mug all year long (with $1 off each beer!).  Anytime you drop into the Apple Valley (formerly known as the Alley Oops bar) you will find any number of folks sipping joyfully (or drunkenly) out of their icy cold mugs – some look like they’ve been drinking there for the past 30 years, continuously, others are local businessmen, still others are young teachers, waiters, bartenders – very few women, i must say.

But you gotta love the astute bartending staff who quickly realized that Terry needs not only his own beer mug, but his very own Big Boy glass.

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