Sailing in Malmo, Sweden

Well, it was really drinking wine in Malmo, Sweden.  We were at the Vastra Hamnen (or West Harbor).  This has been the most beautiful place I have found in Scandinavia so far, but in all fairness, I have much more to explore!  After a short train ride from Copenhagen, we found ourselves in the beautiful little town of Malmo (ok, it’s about the same size as Buffalo, so apologies to all my peeps in the Buff).  The awesome boy at the tourist info desk put us on the bus (it’s always great to take the bus in a foreign city) to Vastra Hamnen to enjoy the view of Denmark.  I must say, so far, that is the best way to see Denmark!  The day was gorgeous, the wine was yummy and who can’t be content sitting by the water?  The ship was the code to the wait staff that were seated and ready to drink!


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