More Bars in More Places

All of you who know me (which, unfortunately is probably anyone reading this) I’m sure you assume I’m talking about the kind of bar that you belly up to.  Well, I sort of am, hence the picture of the nicely appointed bar aboard the Antarctic Dream.  Although, being here without my beloved husband, I will probably not spend as much time there as you all would expect.  However, I am also referring to my amazement that I actually do still have mobile service at 78 degrees N (ie. about as close to the North Pole as one can get).  And no, this is not a shameless plug for AT&T (Lisa & Renee, nudge, nudge) but yet another example of, as I always say, it IS a great time to be alive.

Now I know there are many of you who think that it actually signals the end of the world as we know it.  The fact that there appears to be nowhere in the world anymore that one can truly “unplug” and get away from it all.  But having the benefit of having been essentially unplugged for the past six months, I have learned that escaping from the stresses of the world, of work or even family is not necessarily about removing oneself from the situation.  It is actually about allowing yourself to be truly in the situation, focussing on it and only it, dealing with it as it occurs and then moving on.  The reason stress is so hard to relieve is that we allow it to linger rather than accepting whatever is occurring now that is causing our stress, determining the course of action to deal with it, and then accepting the outcome, whatever that may be.

I am about as remote as you can get in this world, and even moreso as the entire ship (save the crew) has left to go explore the amazing scenery surrounding us.  And yes, I can pick up my mobile phone and call anyone in the world right now, I think that’s great – but I will not, I will enjoy the peace and serenity that I can only experience right now and know that that is the choice I have the luxury to make.

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