Reflections in a Brasserie

For some reason I always feel more French in the French restaurants of NYC than I do in Paris.  Perhaps that is because I haven’t found a truly great restaurant in France (I know!  Suggestions? Please?!)  Or maybe it’s simply that the French do a fantastic job of bringing a little slice of their world to ours.  Whatever the reason, there is nothing better than a lazy meal at a great brassiere.  You are always guaranteed to enjoy good food, good wine and great conversation.  And at this time of year, you also get a front row seat to the greatest of the Grand Slam tournaments, the French Open.

I am also reminded that we often try so hard to “make” our lives what we want them to be that we never truly enjoy what life is – today, right now, at this moment.  So try, at least for today, to find some time (and I don’t mean a 30 second gaze from your computer) to just be – somewhere, anywhere – and enjoy!


I’m sure you’ve all heard this song on the AT&T commercial, but if you haven’t heard the whole song, take a listen, it reminds me of those lazy afternoons in the places that we love:







“Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop” – Landon Pigg


…and for housekeeping purposes, the picture is from the bar at Jacques Brassiere on E. 85th St.

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