Latest Itinerary

So, my carefully planned itinerary has taken a shape of its own – that is, the only travelling I will be doing over the next six weeks is from the couch to my bed.  I planned to embark on my walkabout in order to take some time to reflect and explore the plethora of ideas and interests that have not had a chance to get out of the back of my mind over the many years of building my career.  I will still have the time to reflect, more time than I ever imagined, but it will be from the familiar surroundings of my living room.

Apparently, when I said I needed a break, someone took me a little too literally.  I intend for my adventure to just be on delay and my hope is that the extra time that has been handed to me will give me an even better perspective when I finally am able to take that first step in my adventure.

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